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June 30, 2014 / alunatunes

Book Your Band-Manifest Success


Last Waltz High Res



Having a dedicated corner of the world to unleash and implement your musical plans creates a lightening rod between you and Source. When you place yourself at your launch pad, intend to use the space only for the manifestation of dreams. Allow yourself a few minutes to simply connect with your place and open a grateful heart for the blessing of your talent. Ask Spirit’s guidance as you conduct the business of music. Ask for clarity, direction, purpose and success. Ask for help and focus and know, because you have created a space to pursue your dreams, the best will manifest for you in totally right and harmonious ways.

June 29, 2014 / alunatunes

Book Your Band-Train your Brain


Music people are typically right-brained, tuned more into artist thinking than analytical tasks. You may have to spend a little time training your neglected left brain as you learn to book and manage your business. Musicans are seldom tuned to sitting down to work out budgets, plan and implement a tour, send posters and make phone calls. You may have to trick your artistic side to cooperate as your daily routine involves typical business tasks to move your band forward.

May 24, 2014 / alunatunes

How to Tour 101- stage managers, merchandisers, roadies,techs

Moreland & Arbuckle - Moreland & Arbuckle color

The world of a traveling band requires specific jobs and most importantly JOB DESCRIPTIONS. As you pull together a tour support staff, be sure you’re assigning tasks and duties in a specific way. A written job description is an easy way to keep everyone on task and the tour rolling in the proper direction.

While booking agents tell you where to be  and publicists let everyone know you’ll be there, the on the ground support staff of tour managers and techs and roadies are indepensible.

A tour manger, as we’ve discussed, advances shows, books rooms, hires vehicles, books flights, and takes care of day to day management of the traveling ensemble.  Guitar/drum/equipment techs and stage managers/roadies may also have a place on the bus as members of the tour team.

Some bands travel with merchandisers who set up tables for tee shirts, cds, stickers, etc. A merchandiser may help with load in and then be responsible for his own retail corner. Merchandisers are in charge of the all important mailing list and may walk around with the list at set breaks, adding names and talking up the band to individuals and groups in the audience. It’s his responsiblity to make sure all merch is clean and presented neatly. He is customer service!

A tech is just that. A person with technical expertise in specific instruments. A guitar tech should know how to do a basic set up and change strings and keep instruments clean and in good repair. If an instrument is damaged, she should know who to call for service. Techs also encompass lighting and sound engineers and some bands tour with both or with one person handling both jobs. Roadies are also an essential element in the basic organization of the tour and duties may include setting the stage (placing water and drinks and towels for artists and making sure the stage and backstage areas function efficiently and safely) , running errands and loading in.

Each person on a tour team has duties and obligations that allow the band to be artists and to focus on writing and shows. The tour team is the foundation a band is built upon.


May 20, 2014 / alunatunes

Practice makes perfect..

“Success seeks to please men, but excellence seeks to please God.”- Christopher Parkening

Christopher Parkening is widely known as heir to the legacy of guitar virtuoso Andres Segovia. At an early age he showed a natural proficency at the guitar. His parents would wake him at 5:00am each morning to practice before school. At fifteen, he was invited to attend master classes with Segovia, who encouraged him to “work hard” that he had great potential. At nineteen, Parkening was signed to the classical division of Capitol Records and became a touring artist through Columbia Artist Management. Early on, despite technically excelling at the instrument,  Parkening’s aim in life was to simply “make a lot of money, retire early and enjoy the good life” which for him meant a ranch and fly fishing in Montana. 10 years later at the age of 30, Parkening called his agent and record label and told them he was quitting. He retired to his Montana ranch, a rich man known for his excellence at an instrument. For four years, Parkening fished. And grew completely miserable.

Even though Parkening excelled at his craft through diligent practice, the soul of his art was lost to him. In his perfect life, Parkening only found a profound emptiness. He discovered not playing was not what he really wanted after all. Parkening became reborn, and the instrument he practiced became more than a way to make money. It became a way to seek peace within himself and spread the true meaning of delivering a gift of spirit to an audience.

Theologian and pastor, J. Hamton Keithly said that excellence should not be about one’s own glory or significance for the praise or applause of men. Instead excellence should be the highest form of praise, thanksgiving and gratefulness to the spirit that dwells inside you. Match your practice with your potential and you’ll discover excellence lies within, not without. “The kingdom of God comes not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” The book of Luke is very clear about source and where it truly lies.

J.S. Bach said, “The aim and final reason of all music is none else but the glory of God.” Bach signed many of his compositions with the initials S.D.G., Soli Deo Gloria (to God alone the glory).

Practice your instrument with diligent patience but don’t forget to practice in other areas of your life.Practice making meaningful coincidences. Practice being ethical and kind.  Practice cheerfulness in the face of adversity. Practice charity when you’re down to the last dollar in your pocket. Practice hopefulness and smiling when you don’t really feel like it.

Aristotle professed, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit.” You can’t just practice what’s under your fingers. Practice what’s in your heart.

March 27, 2014 / alunatunes

Broken Hip!

Broken Hip!.

March 14, 2014 / alunatunes

Reaching New Heights Magazine


This is one of the magazines I write for!

Originally posted on 'NdiePedia:

“Reaching New Heights”, is a Lifestyle publication focusing on the day to day happenings in and around the Tri City area. Distribution covers the areas of Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Hopewell, Fort Lee, Dinwiddie, Prince George & Southern Chesterfield, Virginia. Catherine Hildebrand Oakley is owner / publisher. 


Reaching New Heights, the Tri Cities only Lifestyle Magazine focusing on local Family and Businesses right here in our area. We are a new magazine reaching out to our neighbors from Southern Chesterfield to Dinwiddie, and from Hopewell to Colonial Heights to Petersburg.
We shop in your stores and we share your love of The Tri Cities. We are writing about families and history, gardening and churches, small businesses and the best places to go for fun in the sun.


Dreamin’ Out LoudEntertainment’s Christian recording artist Katelyn McCarter is on the cover of the March 2014 issue.

Virgina Cover Story 2

We are introducing you…

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February 16, 2014 / alunatunes

Cashbox Magazine Time Capsule Reviews: Week Of 10/23/71



Melanie’s Candles in the Wind was the first vinyl record we ever purchased. What was your first vinyl record??

Originally posted on Cashbox Music Reviews:

The following reviews were published in cashbox Magazine October 23, 1971. I have kept the reviews as they were originally published.

!BRETpzgB2k~$(KGrHgoH-EQEjlLlbinfBJ8HU2hND!~~_12Gather Me
Neighborhood Label

Melanie has a brand new label to go with her “Brand New Key.” The tale of the intrepid roller skater, which also happens to be the artist’s new chart single is only one part of the lovingly designed quilt of songs which is this album. Like the last Rod Stewart album, this album has its little one minute type surprises, “Tell Me Why” and “Ring Around The Moon,” which pop up unexpectedly and the tunes which Melanie has wrapped around them. Particularly the assertive “Steppin,’” the wistful “Little Bit Of Me,” and the spirited “Ring The Living Bell” are among her very best works. Many will want to gather this album.

Pink Floyd
Harvest Label

Pink Floyd is the type of music that…

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June 15, 2013 / alunatunes

Friday Night: Viktoria Mullova

Originally posted on Live & Learn:

Viktoria Yurievna Mullova, 53, is a Russian violinist.  She is best known for her performances and recordings of a number of violin concerti, compositions by J.S. Bach, and her innovative interpretations of popular and jazz compositions by Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, The Beatles, and others.  She won various prestigious violin competitions (first prize at the 1980 International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition in Helsinki and the Gold Medal at the International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1982). During a tour of Finland in 1983, Mullova and her lover, defected to the West. She currently resides in London. (Source: Wiki)

Source: Thank you Rob @ HammockPapers

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June 15, 2013 / alunatunes

Beginners at Music Camp

Originally posted on miriamtroxler:


It’s a camp tradition for the Beginners to play a game on Friday. Treble Trek or BASSball anyone?


Campers learning the Spanish for the combined Beginner and Senior Group Mariachi piece, Song of Sedona.

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February 24, 2013 / alunatunes

Sunday afternoon thoughts about art….

Sometimes I think the whole dilemma with our lives as artists is that at one time, before we tried or found ourselves compelled by economics to build a living with it, we reveled in it. Whether we played or sang or booked, or managed, at some point, our art was a compendium of absolute love. A collection of passion and inspiration. Then, piece by piece, as we committed more and more of our time and energy and selves to it, art chose to strangle us ever so slowly. Eventually a lot of us found ourselves tied to the metaphorical train tracks of art as a living, being pummeled and pulled apart. Lives fell apart, addictions appeared. Normal -once so offending to us- looked strangely like something we might like to try. And then we found, to our utter surprise and sadness, that no heroic cowboy on a horse was ever going to release us from our artistic bonds. And we remain tied down, year after year, when what we’d really like to do is ride off into the sunset to a place of hope and warmth and conviviality.
But yet, we cannot stop. We create. It is what we do. No matter what form that creation takes: cooking, painting, singing, playing, dancing, drawing, writing,- we, as artists, are compelled to do our utmost to make the world a more palatable, beautiful place for those who don’t practice art as a part of daily life. Through the artist, humans understand they are not alone with their demons and desires. Through the artist, humans are touched at a level that stirs the cells and sweetens the soul. Art, for those of us who make it, is full of raw emotion. We struggle, in so many ways, to harness our creativity and make it presentable and good and true. And if we’re in tune with our souls, and only then, we rise to a level that exceeds mere existence. We connect with spirit, we commune unfettered with God and become wholly the consummate, soul-filled human beings we were meant to be.


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