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September 2, 2008 / alunatunes

September 2- Digging in the Dirt 101



Garden Moth -photo by Tammy Brackett

Garden Moth -photo by Tammy Brackett


“If one loves nature, one can find beauty everwhere…” Vincent Van Gogh

Lessons of Mother Nature: Digging in the Dirt 101

When my older son was small, he loved to play in the dirt. Each day he would patiently fill up little measuring cups and bowls with the sandy soil at the edge of our carport, pouring dirt and water together to make mud,stirring the mixture with his bent metal spoon.  Invariably I would ask, “Christopher, what are you making?” and each day the answer was the same,”Fasagna…” He would reply in a dull monotone, indicating the task of making the dirt lasagna was never ending. He actually didn’t plan to eat the dirt lasagna but was caught up in the creation of it. He, at that early age, was experiencing what artists call flow. Flow is the absence of any thought other than the creation before you. Flow is the purest form of connecting to our Source.

Digging in the dirt is only one way to connect with Source. Mother Nature is our tactile connection to the oldest creation known to man- the placement of planets, atmosphere, grass, water and basic life. We may choose gardening as our conduit to our Mother Source or  communing with the outdoors as campers, canoers or simple observers. Exposure to nature renews us, revives our spirits and rejuvinates our souls. Mother Nature is never worried, always paced and always sure in her steps. More than anything, she is never concerned with outcome or endings, recognizing her work is ongoing and unfolding in perfect harmony.

As artists and musicians, we often overwhelm ourselves with outcome- finishing a piece of music, booking one last show before we close our calendar, dashing to the post office to send one more promotional kit.  Our one hour at the computer turns into four, and another chance to connect with dirt, sun, air and Source escapes us.

Take a lesson from Mother Nature’s ability to detach from outcome and enjoy the creating that is before you.  Outcome based work lacks the sparkle and sheen of simply creating for creation’s sake.  Mother Nature has her attention upon intention and is gloriously in the moment. As a flower or a tree or a breeze, she doesn’t concern herself with an end result.

Let the mysterious innate beauty of your natural art as a music maker carry you outside today . Allow your musician’s  heart to revel in the tunes of birds and crickets, appreciate the fine rhythmic drumming of rain on glass and roof, the brush of the wind against the strings of branch and bush. Mother Nature has much to teach about sound and source and conducts her creations with no outcome in mind.

Allow yourself to “dig in the dirt” . Take a barefoot walk in the grass. Sit in the classroom of Mother Nature, close your eyes and immerse your self in the lessons of her symphony.


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