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September 4, 2008 / alunatunes

Rule 3- No One Rocks Alone…

*No one rocks alone. There are groups of parents, partners and fans who rock with you at every single show. There are booking agents, managers, tour managers, business managers, roadies, sound techs, lighting techs, drivers, talent buyers, travel agents, publicists, writers, photographers, reporters, reviewers, radio people, web gurus, producers, engineers, and a plethora of other helpful people on stage with you every performance. There are material humans and there are spirits who have long passed but their influence remains a source of inspiration for you as you create music.

Behind every great band, every performer who stands in the spotlight is a dedicated group of either family or friends or, if one is really lucky, both. They are the people who stand backstage out of the lights, behind the curtain, away from the smiling faces in the audience. The applause is not directed at them. They sell tee shirts at the merchandise table. They tell people about your music. They may be your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, mom or dad, uncle or aunt or just someone who loves you and the music you make and wants to help.

When I was fourteen, my band was invited to play at our local junior high school for a special assembly. At the time I was playing a KMart special acoustic guitar or the equivalent. I needed an electric guitar in the worst sort of way for this special performance. At the time, I knew my parents could not afford one. I had asked but knew, by the look in their eyes, this would be nearly impossible. On the day of final rehearsals, my mom pulled up at the school with an electric guitar and AN AMP.  The impossible had somehow become possible! I still remember the flood of relief to have the proper tools to carry off a performance in front of hundreds of people in a large auditorium.

Later, perusing through my snazzy new guitar case, complete with storage compartment, i found the receipt for the guitar and amp. Total was $150.00. And printed neatly on the back of the receipt was mom’s grocery list, with items marked out and circled. She had circled only the necessities. The frills like cookies, cake mix and several other food stuffs had been marked out.

No one ever, ever rocks alone.


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