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September 6, 2008 / alunatunes

September 6- The Law of Least Effort

“Indeed the wise man’s office is to work by being still,
he teaches not by speech but by accomplishment,
he does for everything-neglecting none.
Their life he gives to all, possessing none, and what he brings to pass, depends on no one else, as he succeeds, he takes no credit and just because he does not take it, credit never leaves him.” The Way of Life- Lao Tzu

The Lesson of Least Effort : Trusting the process of work

There is a basic American belief that to achieve success, hard work and lots of it are in order. The more time you can spend rehearsing, writing, performing, traveling to expand your fan base, marketing on the computer, the more assured of success you are. Nowhere is this less true than the music business. There are no Win a Grammy 101 classes at your local college. You can do everything perfectly, work endlessly and still not achieve stellar success. Hunter S. Thompson pretty much nailed it when he said, “The music business is a shallow hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”

To negate the utter depression of this career where 99.9% of projects fail, we can take comfort again in nature . The lessons of nature and time are perfect reminders that whatever is coming to us will come, despite and in spite of our efforts.  No one has to cajole a bud to open into a flower. It is its nature to do so.  No matter how much we try to make time move forward or backward it doesn’t happen. Nothing can be rushed or hurried. “Let life unfold. The secret is to focus on what you want, do what is before you to make it happen and TRUST THE PROCESS.” as Joe Vitale, the author of Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, reminds us.

Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (i think of them as lessons more than laws) Is 116 pages of the wisest most applicable advice on success I’ve read. The Seven Laws Chopra so eloquently expresses are pure potentiality, giving, karma, intention and desire, detachment , the law of “dharma” or purpose in life and the astounding revelation of the Law of Least Effort.

In Vedic science there is a philosophy known as the principle of least effort or “do less and accomplish more.” Lao Tzu’s Way of Life, the 81 poems concerning Taoism written a millienum before Christ, is peppered with least effort references. It’s the square peg round hole philosophy. No matter what you do you cannot force the peg into the hole and the more you try the worse things will ultimately get. The lesson here is to let yourself essentially be a channel to your Source and live in the spirit of now to create the fabric of your innate calling.

” When you are in harmony with nature when you are established in the knowledge of your true self you can make use of the law of least efffort.” states Dr Chopra. Notice the words harmony and nature. We all know how harmony actually resonates in our natural body when we create it as a musician or singer. Give up the constant push and shove and strive for harmony and natural intuition in your work. “Yet equally not one moment before it’s appointed time will it happen, ” author Edward Carpenter tells us,” all your crying and fever and reaching out of hands will make no difference. Therefore, do not begin that game at all. ”

Create harmony as you channel your calling today. Dr. Chopra not only presents this lesson to us but also provides practical ways to apply it in every day life. Put into practice Dr Chopra’s ideas and learn the lesson of least effort.
*practice acceptance. Know that whatever is happening is occuring as it should
*responsibility of your situation – without blame to others or yourself accept resoonsibility of your situation
*defenselessness- relinquish the need to defend your position- recognizing it is a waste of energy.


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