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September 6, 2008 / alunatunes

Success is not a ladder….

*It’s hard to have success when the place you plant your feet everyday changes. Don’t let it get you down. Make it a point every day to find new places for your feet. One new contact a day is a must.

In music world, there is no ladder of success. It’s more like a climbing wall where footholds and finger holds disappear or reappear in other spots.

One can do everything right, make fabulous art and still not achieve their particular standard of success.  It’s worth devoting a chunk of think time to exactly what success is to you. Is it the cover of the Rolling Stone? Or is it using your talent and the revenue it generates to sustain yourself? It’s an important question to ponder as you embark on a path in music.

Typically an accountant, lawyer, technology person can attend classes, get a diploma and launch into the world of work and sustain themselves. There is no classroom to achieve success here in music world. A lot of success is based on luck and timing, with talent taking a far back seat to those two magic charms in the universe.

This isn’t to say you should not work daily on an upward trajectory. Make new contacts every day to replace the footholds and finger-holds that have closed, moved or switched to karaoke or hired a DJ.  Sometimes proceeding forward means a lateral move, or taking a few steps back. Recognize this as momentum and stay the course.


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