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September 7, 2008 / alunatunes

College radio and campus tours…

 Send several copies of your cd and a few tee shirts,caps and coozies to college radio stations. Students love schwag and even if they never play your cd they WILL wear a cool tee shirt shirt. Be sure your merchandise has your logo and your website. College radio is a tough market. Program directors are balancing school and radio duties and are usually only in office 2-4 hours a week. Recognize this as a gamble and target your marketing differently. Spend time at the college radio website to track down djs with email addresses that play your style of music and contact them instead of the Program Director. Contact the music department and ask about conducting a class or workshop. Contact the Studen Activities director and ask about on campus performance opportunities. This is a great way to develop a college market, even in your own town.


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