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September 7, 2008 / alunatunes

September 7-A dream planner…

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Lesson Plans: setting goals and objectives- dreaming and doing

How do you want to be remembered? If you could drop in on your own eulogy, what would others say and sincerely mean about you? It should be our goal in life to live to the best of our ability, to be good parents, children,partners, friends,managers, agents and bandmates. Our objectives should include bringing love and laughter to others, to listen intently and without judgement. We should strive to weave the fabric of life with thoughtful, kind consideration. Our noblest efforts and most pristine plan should be simply to live well and do what we can to help others live well.

But there are other goals and objectives to consider. Pursuing your musical calling down the career path takes thought and planning. Goals and objectives should be a part of that plan.Tactile planning and strategy encourages you to put your dreams on paper and start forging a plan to bring your innate thoughts, those precious dreams, to fruition.

If you’re confused about planning, base your plans in your most avid desires. Do you want to enter the studio in March of next year? Start mapping out financial strategies and ideas to get you there. Do you want to tour England in May? Start researching options now. The tactile art of simply making a list of things you desire to do with your music creates an energy of action around the mere thought. Everything in the universe starts with a thought. Every note we hear is generated by thought in action.

Teachers plan students’ educations by laying out a course of study and action in a plan book. Plan books are available at most teacher supply stores. A big block calendar works nicely as a dream planner . Just be sure the blocks are big enough for you to write in. A  two page monthly planner works best because you can lay the whole thing out and see an entire month of dreams and accomplishments. Perhaps Mondays will be the day you spend a bit of time working on finding out about copyrighting and publishing your material. A few minutes or an hour or so on Tuesdays may be consummed with planning that northeastern swing you and your bandmates have been talking about. Wednesdays may find you in the studio or rehearsing.

Sometimes weeks can pass and you really don’t know what you have done to move yourself furthur toward your goal of developing a livlihood by making music. Having plans on paper provide you with sighted,valid documentation that you are devoting part of each day to achieving your goals and objectives. Those of us who have jobs outside our calling will find the planning and implementation of a project, even a small one that serves our dream self, will center and calm us.

Remember it is not the amount of time you are working on your plans but the intensity and attention you are paying to the task at hand. Intention and dreams interwoven with practical labor is potent magic.

Author Sarah Ban Breathenach reminds us to “surrender expectations”. Remember you are doing what is before you to make your music happen but every day you simply have to trust the universe to unfold as it should. You are not in charge of the divine order in the natural world and you cannot place time constraints on it; that’s the job of Mother Nature and Father Time. By detaching from the outcome of your plans and trusting Source, by praticing the lesson of least effort , the results you achieve will be authentic and lasting. 

Make a wish list of your deepest desires for your music career. Remember the most powerful magic we possess is the ability to turn thought into action. Find a simple fold out calendar for next year now. Start planning projects. Remember, your heart’s wishes and hopes are dictated by divine order. Desire, dream, believe, do– but recognize spirit may have other intentions for your efforts.


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