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September 8, 2008 / alunatunes

Rule 7- Please call home….

*Call your grandma,your mother, your wife/husband or your girlfriend/boyfriend from the road. There’s nothing worse than having someone you love on the road and not hearing from them for days.

This is much easier than it once was. When Boyfriend was touring, a four year ordeal, there were no cell phones.  Phoning was from a booth or a hotel room. Once, a very memorable call came from blustery Chicago where I could literally hear the wind bellowing through the background. But Boyfriend was the king of calling and it made being alone and loney in another city and state far away from friends and family tolerable.

Music is your dream and it’s a lot of fun (and hard work) to be on the road bringing new tunes to new audiences. But remember those who are home keeping the fires and fondness for you and your project burning. During extended time away from home, remember to call and just let people know how you are. Emailing is a wonderful tool but will never replace the sound of a voice on the phone.  Take time to call – take time to listen and respond- take time to care.


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