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September 25, 2008 / alunatunes

September 25-Harmonics in Daily Life

“Lean your body forward slightly to support the guitar against your chest, for the poetry of music should resound in your heart.” Segovia to his students

Harmony is basically a mathematical formula applied to music. The achievement of harmony deals with an instance of music happening at the same time as another. We know harmony when we hear it, create it or sing it. We know harmony resonates inside our bodies and reverberates in our lips and throats when we sing.

The creation of harmony is simultaneous, based on the word simult which by definition is a supernatural coincidence or divinely inspired event occurring at the same time as another. There is audible harmony, which is easily heard but then there is body resonance, not heard, but rather felt.

Harmony in music is one thing but harmony in daily life as a musician is another. We’re constantly engaged in a business that forces judgement of our creations, our song children we’ve birthed into the frenzied public that is often just looking for the newest, coolest thing, regardless of substance or meaning.   We constantly put forth a super human effort to stay on top of the game, practice, produce, and quantify what we’re doing.

Today, simply be. Notice harmony around you. Create harmony around you. If you’ve felt pushed and pulled the past few weeks, take a breather.  It’s odd how stopping for just a while accomplishes so much. Clarity, peace, and vision return when we align with the harmonics of nature and simplicity. Harmony becomes an anchor, a sweet resonance in our bodies and lives.

Harmony in life is coordinating divine inspiration with worldly balance.
Harmony is finding your part.


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