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September 27, 2008 / alunatunes

September 27-Report Cards

” I cannot give you the formula for success, but i can give you the formula for failure.Try to please everyone.”- Herbert Bayard Swope

The whole of being a musician tends to hinge on live performance and the applause and accolades of fans and critics. Popularity transfers into more money, more fame, more success and awards. Some find themselves addicted to the “roar of the crowd” and forget that music is a true soul calling, a gift from Source meant to soothe and stimulate the spirit of others.  There are those who wrap themselves so tightly into a pattern of what I like to call “limosene success” that they cannot comprehend the small seemingly insignificant but astonishing ways their music touches other people. All this leads us to believe the most important aspect of our music careers is what others are saying about us. But what is most important is how we are feeling about ourselves and our soul calling.  Our inside grades are most important, most valid and teach us the lessons with the most gravity.

In education the tangible proof we are progressing in our learning is the report card. We are graded on our expertise in subjects; geography, history, English, reading comprehnsion, math and science.We’re graded on other aspects of our learning as well. We’re evaluated on our ability to work well with others, behavior and punctuality, and neatness are other considerations to be graded and reported.

Dr Wayne Dyer teaches that we should all develop the “witness.” When you say the words, “I was thinking to myself,” you are actually implying the presence of two people. Dr Dyer encourages us to develop the witness so we can observe our emotions, feelings and behaviors. The Witness does not condemn or judge; she simply observes.  As we are able to step outside ourselves and cultivate the witness, we notice patterns of  behavior, situations which tend to upset us time and time again. We learn to observe ourselves without interference from our ego.  Not only can we observe our interactions, but we can learn to change these behaviors in a loving and constructive way. We, in essence, become our own teacher.

Honestly grade yourself on the subject areas of your life. Do you measure up satifactorily in you your spiritual, financial, and social classes. How would you evaluate your interactions with your family and friends? Do you spend too much time working and not enough time focusing on your physical health?  How is your behavior and punctuality? Is your ability to complete tasks and projects above average or below average?

The “N” on a report indicated areas of learning that NEED TO IMPROVE. Allow your witness to write a report card. Honesty is a great teacher and a great motivator to pulling up your grades and figuring out a way to improve in areas of your life.


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