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October 7, 2008 / alunatunes

October 07- Scarey Monsters and Super Creeps

Carla as Wonder Woman....

Carla as Wonder Woman....

“Scary monsters, super creeps, keep me running, running scared…” David Bowie

Idleness, disorganization, too much sleep, not enough sleep, over eating, drinking too much- are you shaking in your boots?  Scarey Monsters and Super Creeps are all too prevalent in the lives of musicians. We can be Supermen and Wonder Women when the Muse catches us in the magical flow of creativity. But when the Muse has a weekend off, or goes on an extended holiday, our writer’s block monsters rage and demons roar and we’re running scared.  Our lives take on the qualities of Halloween house. Unexpected terrors are around every corner, ideas and thinking are skewed like tilting floors in a haunted mansion, terror grips us as we lose our ability to gather the webs of new ideas and new creations and new music. We falter as our monsters line up to take their turn at scarey disturbances like anger and frustration.

It is wonderful to be productive. It is sublime to create songs and sing and play instruments. True musicians become so much a part of their artform that they forget sometimes that they are PEOPLE first. Even those who appreciate and admire them for talent often forget that these creators of music are simply people, special and gifted ones no doubt, but people all the same.

Halloween is a great time to focus on your personal monsters and learn how they influence your creative life.  The reminders of the season are everwhere. Take a trip to a haunted house, a spooky trail in the woods or read a horror novel. Identify yourself and your personality quirks in those settings. We all have our monsters and super creeps, our good habits and bad – recognize and learn to live with your demons as well as your angels.


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