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October 11, 2008 / alunatunes

October 11-Talismans, Good Luck Charms and Feng Shui

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Seneca

I once spent endless summer mornings, barefoot on dew drenched grass, hunting four leaf clovers. I was convinced they were deposited overnight by fairys and elven folk as a special treat just for me. I adored finding them and pressing the precious clovers in my Bible. I thought, if I found a four leaf or a five leaf clover, I was receiving special blessings.

Years later in the midst of studying feng shui, I rememebered my little lucky clover charms. It occured to me it wasn’t so much the discovery of the charm that made me feel lucky, as it was the feeling of fortune washing over me. Feng shui, is , after all, the placement of objects in one’s environment to enhance certain areas in life. I realized, as I arranged my desk in perfect feng shui order, that even though I was physically making changes, what was most profound was the change inside myself. As I placed candles, small fountains and flowers, I felt inner peace and tranquility. My self talk improved and my mood lightened.

Magic is where we make it and what we believe it to be. Whether it’s a lucky pick, a guitar that is just right or a piece of ritual jewelry we wear, musicians link to the spirit of the universe via the perceived magic in the object. When you consider wood and metal are two essential universal elements as well as building elements in instruments, it’s easy to understand a musicians unique connection to the elements that connect him or her to source and energy.

Whether your talisman is a fetish, a charm, jewelry or a special stone gleaned from nature, recognize it as an object connecting you to an emotion. You choose to be lucky. You choose to be successful and happy and spirit filled. Talisman or no, summoning good luck is a matter of mind- not of matter.


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