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October 13, 2008 / alunatunes

October 12-Transparency and Ghost Stories

If a man harbors any sort of fear, it makes him landlord to a ghost.- Lloyd Douglas

Obviously, the financial crisis is bigger than we were initially led to belive. I don’t personally understand alot of the mumbo jumbo from analysts, but an interesting word has cropped up. Transparency. Apparently, big corporations ‘cooked the books’ twisting financial reports to reflect profits that weren’t there, and misleading investors causing a general disconnect between real and imaginary profits.  Again, I don’t get alot of this. But the word transparency is an interesting one to ponder in the music realm.

Transparency is a rallying call for clear, accessible, open and truthful communication. Even Sonicbids, the self proclaimed connector of bands and music promoters has jumped on the transparency bandwagon. In an email issued last week, Sonicbids proclaimed that there will be more transparency in tracking EPKs (electronic press kits) submitted by bands to festivals via the site. Less ambiguity, more concrete information. In an industry lacking in both, Sonicbids is to be congratulated on their effort.

Transparency in the music industry is an interesting concept. Cut through the smoke and mirrors, spin and hype and you find the nitty-gritty. Bands who are hard working, deserving and truly talented often lose out to those with a big budgets, corporate sponsorships or huge record labels. Realizing this often leads musicians to a haunting of sorts, a creeping suspicion that things are not quite as clear as they should be. Efforts and hard work are discounted in a business where image seems to be everything. Tantilizing personal meltdowns are more important than soul searching sincere songs. Navigating this industry is indeed akin to a ghost tale, as promises are made and then evaporate like ghosts in the dawn.

Be honest with yourself. Develop a mind set of transparency and truly seek to be honest, forthright, accurate and easily understood in all your dealings. Navigate your musical path from a place free of deceit or pretense. Attempt, even in this image driven business, to be logical and rational and realize your creations, your precious music, is a gift of source. You are a blessed being. Reguardless of success, or public acclaim, be honest with yourself, your talent and who you are.

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  1. Adam / Oct 13 2008 3:54 pm

    Thank you Tammy, for you splendid insight always! On Songwriting – In the spirit of transparency, one should ask oneself who they are writing for. Try focusing on writing for an audience of just one. What would you really want to say or what message would you really try to convey to just one person? If you affect one…one can be a lot.

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