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October 13, 2008 / alunatunes

October 13- Unlucky or Lucky?

“Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.”  ~R.E. Shay

Are you superstitious? Do you avoid black cats, ladders and sidewalk cracks? Do you knock on wood and avoid the number 13 at all costs?  Do you keep a talisman or lucky coin or rub a statue of Buddha in the morning for good luck?

Superstitions about the number thirteen abound and it might be a good day to consider your own perception of this number and indeed perceptions in general. 

A tweak in perception can change a negative event into a positive one.  Recently, Sol Driven Train found themselves on the side of the road on a Sunday in North Carolina. Instead of freaking, the band members did what they usually do. Rolled with it. “We ordered pizza from the side of the road!” admitted guitarist Joel Timmons, “Everybody just pitched in and there was some walking, auto shops and grease involved but we got underway in good time.”

Sol Driven Train’s attitude epitomizes the philosophy of Dr. Wayne Dyer who professes: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” What a remarkable lesson!

Perception is the key to a good life or a bad one. It’s the difference between light and dark, good and evil and every opposite between. When we perceive ourselves or our art as undeserving, misunderstood, or substandard, we simply create that idea in ourselves. And we are our world. Our inner most beliefs and attitudes and perceptions dictate who and what we are and how we manage in the world.  


In this highly competitive business, many of us forget our intimate connection to source and we forget source does not make mistakes. We are granted words and music, the ability to ply strings and wood into glorious sounds.  Perceive yourself and your ability as more and remember you are a child of the universe. A creation of source and spirit. Learn to recognize your divinity as a musician.

You play music. You are among the luckiest people on earth!


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