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October 14, 2008 / alunatunes

October 14- Full Moons and Treasure Maps

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers, and setting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world forsakers, on whom the pale moon gleams;
Yet we are the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems.”
~Arthur O’Shaughnessy

Tonight’s full moon in Aries is a great time to plot out new beginnings. Typically, a full moon is for purging and the new moon provides fertile ground for planting new ideas. Full Moon in Aries trines Pluto and since Aries is the action planet and Pluto is the mystical orb, tonight is a auspicious evening to focus on new endeavors, new songs, new strategies and mystical connections.

There’s nothing quite like the enchantment of a full moon, with it’s bright elegant white light beaming down on us. With the moon lighting the darkness, it seems fitting to spend time imagining our wildest dreams with the benefit of mother nature’s lighting.

A treasure map is a great way to explore your inner regions. Collect a few magazines, brochures, or other printed material during the day today. Buy a piece of poster board or dedicate a sketch pad or large piece of paper to your treasure project. Tonight, when the full moon calls, clip pleasing images from the magazines and brochures and paste them in no specific order onto the poster board or sketch pad paper. Move quickly through the magazines and clip to your heart’s content. If a particular phrase captures your attention, clip the words.

With your pile of clippings, consecrate your treasure map with a dedication to give yourself to new projects, new plans, goals, objectives and your heart’s desires. Musicians living on a budget and without a safety net of steady employment often find themselves dismayed at the lack in their lives. As you clip and create your treasure map, the images and words can work magic in your Psyche, replacing the feeling of lack and wanting with the richness of your dreams and the direction of your work.

Your treasure map will be a guide and a lovely thing to contemplate if you’re off track or having a bad day. Treasure maps remind us that limit and lack are within ourselves. That if we perceive ourselves without enough or wanting, that is what will bounce back to us as we navigate our artist’s path.

Here’s to the fullness of new beginnings, the anticipation of new projects and plans. You are music makers. YOU are the dreamers of dreams.


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