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October 19, 2008 / alunatunes

October 19- Tricks or Treats


“Who cares about money?! This is ART, you blockhead! This is great music I’m playing, and playing great music is an art! Do you hear me? An art! (pounding on piano) Art! Art! Art! Art! Art!” -Peanuts character Schroeder (the pianist) when Lucy asks if musicians make a lot of money.

As musicians, we’ve all been subjected to the “trick” of playing music for a living. If we’re extremely lucky and the stars align correctly, at some point we’ll earn the “treat” of plying our art and passion into a source of income. Very often the path to this achievement is rife with potholes, hidden hazards and sometimes the disappearance of any meaningful direction at all.  It’s easy to be swallowed up by disappointment and despair, lost in a miasma of struggle to hold on to a steady source of employment and income while seeking our passion as a living.

Often, the way we perceive this dilemma is the source of its solution. Instead of whinning about a day job, be grateful and appreciative you have one. Think of your day job not as a burden but as the way to create income for your dreams.  At one point on my music business path, I worked a part time job and three freelance administrative assistant positions at the same time. I struggled to find hours to devote to my dream of having a  booking agency.  I lived like this for seven years, eventually taking a huge leap of faith to enter into the music business full time. Indeed, it has been quite a trick to figure out this music as business path, and an awesome treat to be able to work every day to promote the music and musicians I so dearly love.

Perceive your steady sources of income as exceptional treat of life.  Be grateful you are gainfully employeed and perceive your job as a gift spirit is investing in your talent. Your treats are on their way. Be sure of it.


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