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October 20, 2008 / alunatunes

October 20- Super Heroes

“We can be heroes, just for one day….” David Bowie

What superhero archetype are you? Are you the all powerful Superman? Maybe you’re more like Wonder Woman, able to balance a day job, family duties and a promising songwriting career.  Perhaps you gravitate to Batman, a crime fighting, tech savvy hero of the night. And then there’s Spiderman, a web slinging hero able to “stick it out” in any situation.  

The hero myth has been around since the dawn of recorded history. Always there are men and women  who stand apart as self sacrificing individuals, bent on creating a better world for the greater good. A hero typically is brave and strong, with high morals and lofty ideals. At a hero’s core beats a heart of gold and an obligation to seek justice and truth.

As those crafting dreams from stardust, it pays to meditate on these hero archetypes, particularly at Halloween when we’re constantly inundated with costume characters like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and others. Make a list of the personal hero attributes you find most attractive in fictional superheroes as well as those terrestrial, real life heros we respect.  Make one attribute a day your focus for the rest of the month. If you admire the steely resolve of Superman, work to incorporate that attribute into solving a booking issue or a travel dilemma. If you envy Batman’s tech savvy world, go online and read a tutorial about the latest digital way to distribute music.

Remember, a hero doesn’t always have super powers and a cape. A hero can be a devoted significant other who stands by you and your music dream, often sacrificing their wants and needs for yours. A hero is often found at our shows, volunteering at a merchandise table or helping tear down at the end of a long night. Sometimes a superhero offers free overnight lodging and a homemade meal. Many heroes can be found in our past; teachers who believed in our abilities, parents who purchased instruments for us, brothers and sisters who spread the word of our band and brought others to see our shows.

Reach out today and say thanks to the heroes in your life who provide you with insight, philosophy and wisdom. And don’t forget, YOU are someone’s hero. YOU are someone’s knight or princess in shining armor or silken gown. You are a unique individual and others, perhaps much younger, look to you for strength, guidance and encouragement.

Be brave and true, honorable and heroic in your daily musician’s life. Be a hero to your bandmates, students and the people you do business with.  Practice the superpowers of hope, happiness, truth and justice for all.


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