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October 21, 2008 / alunatunes

October 21- Villains and Enemies

“There are three enemies of personal peace: Regret over yesterday’s mistakes, anxiety over tomorrow’s problems and ingratitude for today’s blessings.”

If there are those around us we think of as heroes, there are always those in our circle we perceive as the very opposite. Enemies and villains abound in a musician’s world. Our villains can be people or situations. The constantly discontented bandmate is just as much an enemy of our personal peace as a day when our muse doesn’t show up for a songwriting session. Regret and anxiety are scallywags themselves, capable of disrupting our true connection to creative source and energy. We wring our hands and rub our brow, mulling over past mistakes or tomorrow’s problems. The touble is, as songwriters, our creativity is often grounded in musings over the past or future, so these enemies have a rightful and creative place among us. But learning to control them instead of them controlling us is the trick. 

And then there’s ingratitude, which is one of the ugliest, most lethal monsters you’ll ever deal with. We feel sorry for ourselves, complaining our glass is half empty and getting emptier by the second, as we see less worthy peers creating wealth and success. Ingratitide is perhaps the most toxic super creep we allow into our lives. Thanklessness can control every facet of living, robbing us of the joy and personal peace our art brings us.

Perhaps it’s time to face your perceived demons and think about them another way. The perpetually unhappy band partner could simply be hiding behind an evil persona to mask her own fear of success. When we bother to change the way we look at the scoundrels in our lives, often we find they’re not such bad guys after all. Scrape off a layer of dasteredly disguise and often what you’ll find is a real person, wanting love and acceptance, wanting to flex artistic creativity but ill-informed about how to approach others in a constructive rather than destructive way. 

Look beyond the super creeps, brutes, knaves and ne’er do wells in your circle today. See everyone as a positive rather than a negative influence.  Without bad there could be no good. An evil one can force us to value light, energy and our incredible gifts in a whole new way. Everyone has value, even if their only value is to help our light shine brighter and truer.


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