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October 23, 2008 / alunatunes

October 23- The Witching Hour

 “Night waned upon this talk, and even the witching hour had gone by before we retired to rest.” -Mary Shelley (Frankenstein)

The witching hour- a time when the supposed rulers of the dark underbelly of inhumanity are at their most powerful.  Some believe it’s the stroke of midnight that brings the witches ’round. The hours between twelve and three am are also viewed as another portal, when the veil between what is and what lies beyond is thinnest.  

Witches and witchery have gotten a bad rap over the centurys. Healers and herbalists were thrown into the lot along with those who practiced the black arts. If a woman showed particular healing abilities, often she was accused of consorting with the devil or dealing in death. Witches and those who plyed the natural arts were misunderstood and maligned in much of history. 

We’re surrounded this time of year by ghost stories, gholish movies and images of mystery and magic. It’s odd to think that once upon a time, these same images we welcome as a symbols of frivolity and fun, conjoured evil and terror among everyday folk. Witches could bring down the town healer as well as destroy empires and dynasties. 

There are those who think of witches as dark entities, but it’s encouraging to see them portrayed in a more positive and truer light of those who live closely alighned with nature and the forces found there. 

Take time today to ponder your own witching hour, the time within our twenty-four hour span of days or even days in particular when you feel your most powerful, focused and centered. Is your witching hour in the morning or mid afternoon? Do you feel best when first rising from sleep or is your mind more alert at midnight or three am?  Does Monday seem like a day of accomplishment for you or are Friday evenings your particular power time?

It behooves us to find our particular time and day of magic and mystery, when we feel closest aligned with spirit and source. Connection and creativity is at its peek at different times for each of us. Find your own witching hour or hours and make them a special time of day (or night) to seek source, illumination and enlightenment.

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