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October 25, 2008 / alunatunes

October 25-Off with her head…..


“Since everything is in our heads, we better not lose them.” Coco Chanel

In the l6thcentury it was quite common to think radical ideas could be stopped in their tracks if one lopped off the head of the person with the idea or thought.  The Protestants could be wiped out if Bloody Mary (Queen Mary if you prefer) put enough of them to the stake and flames.  Catholicism could be squelched if enough priests and nuns were put to death.  None of this radical whacking off of noggins worked in the 16th century and we can perhaps take a lesson from it.

It pays to keep a cool head in music world.  A clear, calm approach to a raving lunatic works better than joining in the lunacy. Oddly, when you start to operate from a place of clarity and inner peace, the world seems a better more decent place. People seem a little more lovable and you find tolerance and understanding rule the day instead of disjointed confusion.

Keep your head. Don’t let others control you by allowing their problems and inefficiencies to cloud your own thinking.  Keep your chin up, your eyes forward, your ears open, and your mouth closed. Remember, wisdom has two parts; a. Having much to say and b. Not saying it.


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