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November 4, 2008 / alunatunes

November 04- Election Day

“Politics, n:  [Poly “many” + tics “blood-sucking parasites”]”  ~Larry Hardiman

It’s incredible to believe that anyone would actually want the job of President of the United States or any other political office.  But obviously two Americans want the job incredibly intensely. We’ve watched this election play out over many months, and I for one, am glad it’s nearly done.

As you vote today, you’ll choose between two people, both probably qualified and competent. But as you pull the lever or mark the ballot or touch the screen, you vote not only for a person but for intangible qualities. You choose honesty, integrity, moral character, clarity, and inspiration. You choose the candidate who resonates with you.  You, as a voter, are attracted to the personality of the candidate’s particular vibrational quality.  You recognize, what you vote for, is not really a person, but how you feel about that person.

It’s a good day, as we watch this election unfold, to review your own personal qualities,  good and bad.  Musicians want to be well liked and respected, but do you like and respect others?  Songwriters long to communicate intense personal feelings, but do we listen as well as we should to those around us?  We operate in a workplace that is very different from an office. Do we take part in the occasional chaos of club life, or do we choose to remain above the fray?  Are we moral and responsible in our mission to enlighten and bring joy to others by playing music?

Vote for personal qualities in the candidates. Remember, as a person who plays music, you sell yourself everyday, the same way candidates have sold themselves to the public.  Elect to be honest and true. Be a person of character and caring. 


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