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November 5, 2008 / alunatunes

November 03- Appreciating Adversity

Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.  ~M. Kathleen Casey

It’s important to note in life,  how often heartache and history intersect.  Hardship creates permanent etchings on the soul. It changes our genetic makeup at a molecular level. A slice of trama can serve as a division in our personal history- a new path, route or trail that changes us forever.  Troubles trip us up, tangle our thought patterns and contribute to the pile of mental baggage we carry with us.  As Kathleen Casey so eloquently points out, pain truly is a fact of life. It is inevitable.  But suffering, and making others suffer along with us, is a choice we make.

Suffering and heartache are long standing catalysts for those who write music.  Our inspiration is drawn many times not from the joys in life, but culled from the sorrows.  This forces us to mull over past wounds and hurts, to create works of music or art.  We can become stuck in creative quicksand, swallowed up by creating from a place of pain.  Often this creative dynamic leads to alcoholism, drug abuse and mental patterns of depression.  Self esteem plummets as we live so far within our hurt, we forget to savor the light and laughter that are part of life too.

Your reaction to adversity creates you. Pain produces monsters or moral courage.  Hurt and anxiety are dealt to us everyday, and it’s our reaction to these universal forces that form our backbone. 

Today, deal with losing gracefully. Navigate a heartache with determination to stay strong. Answer a wrong with a right.  Wars are fought over misunderstandings and perceived hurts.  Recognize in each instance of suffering, there’s a chance to rise above and create a place of understanding and love.


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