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November 6, 2008 / alunatunes

November 6- The Valley

“That which happens in life is not as important as how you accept it.”- Unknown

There are no winners without losers. Those who fought the good fight but were found lacking find themselves in the valley of scrutiny and endless analysis. Public opinion is a fickle thing. Without even being responsible for it, good men are often defeated by circumstances and the “mob”, as the monarchs of England called the omniscient sway of public opinion.

This week, the nation chose winners and losers. In life, this decision is made daily by those who evaluate our performances as musicians, or our new recording or our latest performance. In the deep recesses of our hearts and spirits, we all want to win. We want to rise above and be noticed and respected and admired. At the same time, we must remain humbly grounded to our source of inspiration, for when we become vain and self involved, we lose the very thing that makes us attractive to an audience. 

The Valley is a lonely place, full of shadows and self doubt. But we must accept with a humble spirit our place there. We accept it as the valley, but we must learn to accept losing as well as winning.  The valley is where so much of life is planned and brought to fruition. The valley cradles the richest soil, the tiny acorns that grow into mighty oaks, the life giving ponds, streams and rivers. Losing has its own radiance and meaning, as we learn our success with music, and indeed in life, has more to do with our inner world than the outer one.

As we evaluate winning and losing in our music careers and our personal lives, we would do well to remember the value of each.


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