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November 11, 2008 / alunatunes

November 10- A very small bundle…

“A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.”  ~Benjamin Franklin

It’s easy at times to forget there is anyone in the world but oneself. We live intimately with our own wants, needs, and desires.  We are the center of our own universe,  and those we live, work and play music with are all planets in our orbits.  “They’ll always be there,” we mistakenly think, “Always at my service, always close at hand. ”

The person continually wrapped up in himself, as Benjamin Franklin pointed out, makes a terrifically small and insignificant bundle.  Those who live only with only their personal comfort and consideration in mind do not expand, grow or develop.  The simply exist inside a tiny cocoon, unaware of others, the situations of the world or the need to look outside one’s own dimensions. 

We live in studios, rehearsal rooms, stages and buses and vans.  We leave family and friends to tour for months. We are in a new place each and every day. It is very easy to start to live in a narrow way, only considering our own comfort, our own place and our own survival and forget those we travel and work with everyday as well as those we’ve left behind.

Remember today there are those around you. Open yourself up to a conversation, a moment with a loved one, whether in person or on the phone or computer. Stop and pay attention to the words or actions of another. Interact in more than musicial ways. Be patient and kind to those in your personal orbit.  We take for granted the love and stability of those we see every day as well as those who patiently wait for us at home.   Start today to pay attention to those that matter in your inner circle.  Don’t be a small bundle.


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