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November 25, 2008 / alunatunes

November 25-but I NEED it….

“He who buys what he does not need steals from himself.” ~Author Unknown

In researching this topic, I ran across the website about children and finances. In the article, eleven-year-old Nicole seemed to sum up a great deal of the need and want delimma most of the world seems to be embroiled in.  Nicole stated she ” likes to save her money for something big or expensive that won’t go into my ‘not important’ pile. Something I will use often and be glad I have.”

The “not important” pile. Out of the mouths of babes. I could not have found a philosophical quote with as much impact and wisdom.  As musicians and artists, we should truly define the difference between what we actually need and what we simply want.  The difference between needs and wants, and our attention to the necessities of life can help free up time, effort and energy we can use to pursue our music goals and ambitions.

Consider your “not important” pile and how much stuff is there. Remember your “not important” pile may contain items that represent your reaction to  harsh memories, past hurt and wounds, failure and defeat. Your “not important pile” may be cluttered with items you bought to make yourself feel better, richer, more at ease in your own skin. This pile represents your wants, not your needs.

Consider your important pile.  Tangible items should include  food and water to sustain life, shelter, and clothing (a necessary amount- not an exhorbitant, rarely worn stash). For artists, the important pile contains the tools of our trade, our instruments, and possibly, if we’re touring artists, our transportation.  The important pile should contain items you use often and are glad you have.

When considering our piles, it’s also worthy to note not all stuff contained in the piles are “things.” If we’re going to revamp our needs and wants, we may do well to devote a bit of time to clear out the “not important” items in our lives.  Only you can determine what’s not important in the intagible world. Remember, life energy=time=money formula.

Do you constantly mull over your past musical failures? Maybe it’s time to shuffle that item into the “not important” pile.  Are you constantly stymied by the attitudes and negative behavior of others? Maybe it’s time to put that dynamic in the “not important” pile as well.

This week, as we talk about music and money, make time to de-clutter your stuff. Keep the things that truly matter to you and work to divest yourself of stuff that no longer serves your purpose or feeds your dreams.

He who covets more is evermore a slave.- Robert Herrick


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