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November 26, 2008 / alunatunes

November 26-Feasting on Frugality

Frugal- From the latin frugalis, virtuous, thrifty, from frux,frug-fruit, virute
Frugal=the fruites of virtuous thrift.
It’s interesting to note this definition has a very positive, upbeat ring to it. Who would want to not reap the fruits of virtuous thrift? Fruglism has gotten a terrible rap in the past, but in today’s uncertain economic weather, guess what?  It’s the new “hip”, it is a topic of conversation on message boards and posts. Couponing is happening. We find ourselves actively seeking out innovative frugality. This is not your mother’s penny pinching, saving for a rainy day kind of lifestyle. Recognizing life energy is spent in the aquisition of money makes one realize that hey, I really don’t want to spend 4 hours of my life energy on that currently fashionable but horribly overpriced (name with held) tee shirt so I can impress my friends.
Frugality makes us think before we purchase. The concept has been drug through the mud and mire long enough.  Simplicity, frugality and the mindful spending of dollars is now a topic on msn and countless websites. We want to get ahead, to not worry constantly, to recognize there is an end to the cycle of earn and spend. We can earn….and not spend. We can earn and buy ourselves peace of mind in a troubled economic environment by saving. We can enjoy life instead of wondering how we’re going to pay for all our stuff in that “not important” pile.
Musicians often don’t earn enough to make a living. I’m sorry to point that out but, if you’re in the real music world (I’m not talking about John Mayer and the jet set rock crowd) you know this already. Not only is this a world of low pay, but it’s unfortunately a world of no health insurance, employer matched 401ks or fully funded retirement. Therefore, it becomes imperative to learn the skills necessary to consciously spend the money you are earning as you play music.
Frugality in the music business means being grateful and acknowledging your precious gifts. It is finding extreme value in the magic of your craft. It is self reliance, self sufficiency and understanding the music life has unique, warm and simple rewards. There is nothing quite like the face and eyes of an adoring fan coming up to speak with you after a show. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as winning over a hard nosed critic to your band. The sweetness of the music life outweighs its lack of financial windfall. Be grateful you are able to create an income with music and focus on the prestige and honor of your gifts as you give to others.
Thanks to Jason at Frugal Dad for inspiration!

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