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December 1, 2008 / alunatunes

Book Your Band- tools of the trade

You’ll notice I advocate tactile tracking devices, calendars and tools. I’ve been booking music a LONG time. I started booking before computers and before Blackberrys when business people used the phone and the US Postal Service to connect.  Technology is not really my pal. I do however, love email and the ability to send music to buyers without standing in line at the post office. I use the computer and internet but I have always been committed to keeping tactile calendars, contracts, and physical address books and actually using the telephone. Several years ago, I experienced a computer crash. Because I had every bit of info backed up and also had my physical “tools”, Moonstruck didn’t miss a beat.

If you grew up with a mouse in your hand, good for you. You probably understand tracking software and the ways to utilize it. Do what is most comfortable for you. This book is all about creating an environmet which is conducive to your thought process,your business goals and how to achieve them. Your tools are up to you.

As you learn to navigate the booking world, you’ll figure out what works best for you. Keep in mind, lots of talent buyers do not use the internet to book. Many of them still keep physical calendars. Many still require physical press kits. Be prepared to communicate with your buyers on their playing field.


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