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December 8, 2008 / alunatunes

December 08-Your inner Christmas child….

There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child. -Erma Bombeck

Holidays are so special for kids. They seem to walk around in a daze the month of December, their hopeful hearts looking forward to visits from relatives and gifts galore. They are enchanted by the greenery and lights and carols. They are the embodiment of sweet anticipation and glowing excitement.

This holiday season, rejoin the legion of the child. Seek out a school or community center and donate your time and talents as entertainment for holiday parties or gatherings. Bring your guitar and play for nieces and nephews at family functions. Lend your talents to a choir and participate in a holiday program at your church or synagogue. Children adore music and are so enamoured by people who play and sing. Playing for children will make your heart soar.  

Adults have the mistaken idea they know and understand much more than kids. But children, by merit of their statue alone, live closer to the earth than adults. And that proximity to the ground makes them more centered and aware than many adults. Kids are filled with magic and possibility and eagerly anticipate only the best, especially this time of year.

Kids are so pure and innocent. Children quickly release resentment, they don’t typically hold a grudge and are easily delighted by the smallest thing.  Children don’t predetermine a situation like a family gathering but enter every event with an open, warm and loving heart.

Remember your inner child tugging at your sleeve. Take time to really look at that gorgeous Christmas tree in the store window. Take in a Festival of Lights in your hometown or in a city you are touring. Remember to make your heart warm and open with your giving as well as your receiving of gifts this holiday season.



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  1. Melanie Mulhall / Dec 9 2008 1:48 am


    It’s snowing in Colorado this evening–fluffy, Christmassy snow, so it is not difficult to think inner child thoughts, magic, and giving happiness a comfortable seat. If I should have a memory lapse at a later time, I will re-visit your site.

    You, my dear, are the promoter I would want if I were a musician. I make music, but with words instead of a guitar or piano. Your words are music. Thanks for the many reminders of what is right and true in your posts.


    • alunatunes / Dec 9 2008 2:44 pm

      dear me melanie
      tears with my coffee this morning- thank you for your sweet and kind and heart warming words. the music business these days is indeed tough. music budgets are the first things to go when the economy tanks. i’m encouraging my artists to branch out and discover new ways to make income with their extreme talents.
      YOU ARE RIGHT- you do make music with your words. You just tugged the heartstring that usually is tugged when I hear a moving piece of music or poetry.
      Thank you for writing Melanie. Sometimes I get lonely in blog world. I had a high readership of 52 !!!! November 10. But i keep plugging along…..
      and now I remember why.

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