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December 9, 2008 / alunatunes

Book Your Band- The Visual Power of your tools…

Make sure your tools are not only functional but  pleasing to you.Your notebooks and tactile tools should reflect you and contain symbols or words that motivate and inspire. My physical database is in a red leather notebook with a gold chinese dragon on the front that cost two dollars in a second hand treasure shop. Each time I search for a number or address, I’m met with the visual of a powerful dragon (one of my favorite symbols). The calendar I use everyday as a booking agent has notes and stickers from my nieces glued or taped to the front to remind me that balance is essential.  My telephone is a plain black affair but sits in the prosperity corner of my desk. My wipe-off board is laden with quotes and prayers and things to remember written in colorful markers. Crystals hang in the prosperity window of my office and I’m surrounded by books and meaningful momentos. My office is very beautiful to me as well as being highly functional. When I walk into my office to work I feel fortunate and blessed. Maybe that is the most important aspect to bring to a creative center: a grateful heart.


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