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December 11, 2008 / alunatunes

Book Your Band- The Plan, The Intro and the Pitch

Most musicians or bands regard a copy of the Musicians Atlas or a similar guide like Charlie Bucket’s Golden Ticket to Wonka’s Factory. They really believe it will give them instant access to venues. They buy the Atlas, turn a corner of the kitchen into an assembly line with photos, cds, etc. and start sending arbitrarily to EVERY SINGLE VENUE in the Atlas absolutely sure this is going to further their career. It is not. I know this because I’ve found discarded copies of the atlas in waste baskets, sad, bent and bleeding with red circles and information written in ink in the margins (bar closed, DJ only, Hip hop only, etc..). The Musicians Atlas is a great guide if you use it correctly. There is valid information and the overview it provides is helpful. Make the information in the Atlas or similar guide work for you. CALL the venues or email them before sending a kit. Some venues don’t accept tactile press kits. Some will not want you to play their venue until you can draw 75-100 people to a show. Being effective in this over crowded music market often involves being concise, precise and to the point in all areas of communication. A prime communication tool, and one to spend much time honing, is your phone or email introduction and pitch.


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