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December 13, 2008 / alunatunes

Book Your Band-Communicating with Talent Buyers

Communicating in the music business is done via phone or email. Be professional in your approach. Don’t send a relative into a bar with your cd and press kit. That is not very professional.  It’s worth researching the venues you’d like to approach about booking, and find out which communication mode they prefer. Look at the websites of other bands that are similiar to yours and scope out where they are playing. Do your homework. If the venue only books singer songwriters and you are a six piece rock band, don’t waste your time and the buyer’s time.  Remember the person at the bar who is in charge of booking is the talent buyer. Talent buyers are often bar owners, managers, bartenders, cooks, and bookkeepers, making them obviously very busy people. The very best use of your time is to call the bar and ask who the talent buyer is rather than relying on sending an email out of the blue to the general bar email address. Generally, better venues will have contact information and the process they prefer on their website if they are serious about their music programming.

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