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December 13, 2008 / alunatunes

December 13- The Gift of Encouragement

 One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement. When someone encourages you, that person helps you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own. -John O’Donahue

Blogging can be a lonely business.  Truly giving of time and energy to hopefully inspire or encourage someone “out there” can be a daunting and solitary task. I’m not blessed with a big readership (yet!) but the occasional comments I do get on this site have been sincere and memorable and I am grateful for them.

Melanie Mulhall commented this week. Melanie is a writer in Colorado. Because she is a full time writer, she is one of my heroes.  Not only does Melanie write, but she’s also a freelance editor. She edits everything from dissertations and marketing materials to books for authors.  As a former songwriter, musician, performer and now music business pro, I long to plot a new course in writing about music and business.  Anyone who writes for a living is someone for me to look to for advice and inspiration.

Melanie is the  founder of Dragonheart, and provides content for many publications and companies. She believes that  living the dream has everything to do with nurturing, coaxing, and midwifing the dreams of everyone she touches.  She writes, consults and mentors… and she’s a shaman. 

Melanie is author of the EVVY Award winning book, Living The Dream—A Guidebook For Job Seekers And Career Explorers.  


Melanie is also a professional speaker and trainer on a surprising array of topics, including leadership, shamanism, career, spirituality, writing, and authentic living.


And Melanie found time in her busy life to comment on my little blog and compliment my writing and ideas. In other words, a very busy professional person in another state, someone I would not cross paths with if not for the web, offered words of encouragement and inspiration. She offered solace and comfort to a fledgling writer and speaker.


Everyday we come in contact with those who need a boost. A word of hope. A smile. A glance that says they are meaningful and wanted in the world.  Music is a tough business. And we often develop a tough exterior to mask our fear of failure or perhaps even our mixed feelings of success. 


Give the gift of encouragement today. Offer a kind word, a small, meaningful deed, a warm smile to someone who needs a boost.  A word of encouragement doesn’t cost anything at all. You don’t have to shop for it, purchase it, wrap it in shiny paper, or put it under the tree. It’s not on anyone’s wish list, but everyone wants it. Encouragement is a gift of spirit and soul and heart.  Give it often and in copious amounts to unsuspecting friends,bandmates and family.  As you give encouragement, you’ll discover an amazing thing. It comes back to you, stronger and with more passion that when you doled it out.


Find out more about Melanie Mulhall at


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