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December 14, 2008 / alunatunes

Book Your Band-Understanding the process

Understand booking takes place three months to one year out. A summer tour should be in the planning stages by early fall. By January and February you should be scheduling dates for a summer tour. This is not a business where things happen instantly or overnight. Plan ahead.

Consider booking in blocks. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are prime dates for music booking. Beginning bands rarely get coveted weekend nights. You may have to consider “audition” nights in your booking plan. Playing on a Wednesday night may be the only way to play the venue at all and many venues have audition nights built into budgets and calendars.

Remember many venues require the band to have a draw before booking them. This sets up a dilemma as it often is imperative to play the venue to make fans and you must make fans to play the venue. It’s an unfortunate catch-22.  It’s good to consider marketing strategies to improve your profile and value before you get to a market.


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