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December 15, 2008 / alunatunes

Book Your Band-Using assignment sheets for organization

Create an assignment sheet on a piece of plain notebook paper for each place you plan to contact. This sheet becomes a cumulative tracking device. Be sure you already have the name of the venue, the address, the phone number, the web site and any other pertinent info on your assignment sheet before you make the phone call. That way, if the buyer asks you to send a kit via mail, you can respond with,”Do I send that to 88 East 8th Avenue or do you prefer another address?” If he asks you to send via email you’ll have an idea of his email address. You already look like you are smarter than the average bear. You’ve done your homework. It’s also great to note local press and radio in the area on the assignment sheet. This comes into play after you’ve booked the show.


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