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December 17, 2008 / alunatunes

December 17- The Little Drummer Boy

“…trying to take a nap, the words…practically wrote themselves…” Katherine K. Davis- The Carol of the Drum

The creation of words and music is full of myth and mystery.  In reseraching literature, music and poetry, it comes as no surprise to find many compositions are credited to the author’s dreams. As the body and mind sleep, Spirit has a clean channel to connect and inspire. Our dreams are so important, so prophetic and are worth noting daily.

Katherine K. Davis’s most famous composition, “Little Drummer Boy” (“The Carol of the Drum”), was written in 1941 when she was trying to rest. Her carol became hugely successful (so successful that Davis claimed it had been “done to death”) when it was recorded by the Von Trapp Family Singers.

Coincidence and dreams are important parts of working within the creative life.  As music makers, we are inspired by anything in our path. A snippet of a conversation becomes fodder for lyrics.  The hum of the bus or van may call on your creative musical energies.  What we perceive through our senses, the five tangible ones, and the intangibility of extra sensory perception,  are all added to our creative pallet.  The Muse is part of the tangible world as well as the spirit realm.

Pay attention to dreams. Write them down in a daily journal. Take dreams to the next level by purchasing a dream dictionary and analyze the hours between dosing off and waking up.

We often block spirit unintentionally, leaving her only able to visit in dreams. Tonight, start a new adventure of dreaming intentionally. Ask Gabriel, the angel of communication, to enter your sleep state and show you all the power and potential you possess.


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