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December 18, 2008 / alunatunes

Book Your Band- Sample booking inquiry

This is an example of an effective booking inquiry conversation. By no means should you use this example verbatim, but, by reading the conversation, you can get an idea of how to be clear, concise and effective.

“Charleston Bar and Bistro. This is Susan.”

“Hey Susan. Hope things are good with you. This is Steve. I’m with the Houston Texas ska band Your Loving Wife. Can you tell me who your talent buyer is?”

After which Susan, hopefully, will inform you the talent buyer is Jason and he is available Thursdays between 2-4 to take band calls and schedule shows. She also may offer other information like Jason usually asks you to go ahead and send a kit or she can take a message with your website on it and leave it on Jason’s desk. There’s a slim chance the talent buyer may be on site. If that’s the case and you actually get to talk to him, it’s important to be prepared with your introduction and your elevator speech.

“Hi Jason. I hope you’re having a good day. This is Steve Rhodes and I’m the singer with the ska reggae band Your Loving Wife. We’ve heard great things about your venue from Adam Jones with Reggae Renegades. We’re scheduling  an April southeastern tour and are planning to be in the Charleston SC area April 13/14 and 15. Would you by any chance have available dates? ”

At this point the buyer will probably ask you to call him on the specific days he books bands or he may give you his email address and ask you to email him a link to your site. In the instance that he does ask for more information about your band,  this is where the pitch is extremely useful.

“Your Loving Wife is a four piece band from Houston and we’ve been together about two years. We’ve been described by the Houston Chronicle as a mix between The Police and Sublime. We independently released our first cd two months ago and we’ve sold 500 copies. We haven’t toured in your area and would love an opportunity to play in Charleston. We’ve got a review cd in to Stratton Lawrence at the City Paper. We’ve already sent a copy of our new record to your local radio station for hopeful airplay.”

In one quick statement, you’ve give the buyer a good idea of your sound. You’ve informed him you’re serious enough about your music to have released a cd and you’re already selling copies. You also made the point you intend to support your performance. As a matter of fact, you already have the ball rolling in his town with media and radio.



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