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December 19, 2008 / alunatunes

Book Your Band- Name dropping helps…

Dropping names is helpful. Especially if Jason Talentbuyer knows Adam Jones in the Reggae Renegades as a reliable source of information. If Adam Jones and The Reggae Renegades is playing his venue and doing good numbers and you also know Adam Jones, the possibility of an opening date with The Reggae Renegades might enter the talent buyers mind. Opening for a local already doing big numbers is your best possible bang for the touring buck.

If you don’t get to speak with the buyer, follow the employee’s suggested plan of action. Call on the appropriate day at the appropriate time. Leave a concise and clear message. Follow up with an email that has a link to your music. Be sure you post phone calls and correspondance to your assignment sheet so you have a clear picture of the chain of events leading to your show.

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