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December 20, 2008 / alunatunes

December 20- Home Alone

Take time  to come home to yourself everyday. ~ Robin Casar Jean

I love the movie Home Alone. I laugh before I even know Marv is going to step on Christmas balls and shove sharp shards into his already damaged feet. I start chuckling at the site of Kevin’s spider crawling on Harry’s chest, while Marv stands over him to kill the spider with a tire iron.  It’s such a simple movie, an easy concept, but one that brings the subject of solitude and self sufficiency to light during the holiday season.

A bit of Solitude during a time when most people are celebrating yuletide with family and friends can be a healing and helpful experience, particularly for music people. Our work is lived in the public eye, and escaping from the van, bus or tour schedule this time of year can be a valuable and precious experience.

Forgo a few family or community events and parties to walk alone in nature. The trees are bare, creating wide vistas of roads, mountains and sky.  If you find yourself in a strange city or town, seek out a place of worship and go inside to sit quietly.  Ponder your year as a singer, songwriter and musician.  Think about successes and things that perhaps didn’t go the way you planned and how to fix what needs some tweaking.

If you’re home with family during the holidays, remember to seek a little quiet time for yourself. It is so important to reset ourselves on a daily basis,to come home to ourselves, no matter where we are.

And if you find yourself Home Alone, face your fears of things that go bump in the night or that big scary heater downstairs.  Learn the art of self efficiency and self care.  In Solitude, many ideas find the quiet soil they need to root and grow.  Being happily alone, no matter the time of year, requires a healthy attitude and a stoic sense of self. Learn to treasure the preciousness of singularity and recognize being Home Alone has beautiful benefits.


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