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December 21, 2008 / alunatunes

Book Your Band-Tricks to stay on top of the booking game

Here are a few tricks for staying on top of contacts and chaperoning your assignment sheets into shows!

Follow up your initial contact. This can be done with an email or a post card. I really like postcards. I have a Moonstruck postcard that I send after making contact with a new person. A post card in this world of electronic mail and text messaging makes an impact. It is also a VISUAL reminder of you, your band and your music. Be sure all information is on your postcard. Keep your message simple.
Hi Jason- enjoyed talking to you on the phone. Your Loving Wife is excited about the possiblity of playing in Charleston. Thanks for your time!
Be sure you are logging date and time for each communication with the talent buyer or venue.
August 08- spoke with Susan at bar/ says she’ll pass message along to buyer.
August 15- spoke with jason talentbuyer- sent package -sent jason email to let him know package was in the mail
August 22- called jason and left message on his cell phone to check about arrival of package

Be disciplined about your tracking.


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