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December 22, 2008 / alunatunes

Book Your Band-Send your material in a timely manner

Send an physical cd and press or email link in a timely manner. Don’t wait two weeks to send a package to a buyer. Timely follow up is so important and sets a tone for you as a business person. Send a package and wait a week to follow up. The follow up call or email should be quick. Your follow up call should be something like, “Hi Jason. This is Steve from Your Loving Wife. I sent a package to you via first class mail from Houston Monday July 11 and it’s the 18th. Just wanted to be sure it arrived to you in good order. My number is 808-#88-8080 and my email is steve@yourlovingwife.comThanks!” 

Two weeks after initial contact and after you have sent the package, you may want to send an email or try calling during the buyer’s booking hours. Be persistant but not pushy. Booking a show does not happen overnight and it make take several weeks or months to book a show. Stay positive and hopeful. Never call in a contentious manner. Be sure you are communicating clearly and carefully. Even after the buyer listens to your cd, there is a possibility you will not be asked to play at a particular venue. This is NOT a slam against you, your music or your band. The buyer knows what will work in his room. Don’t take the refusal of a show personally. As a matter of fact, if you’re turned down, ask about other venues in town that may be better for you. Don’t be afriad to ask this question. The buyer will recognize this as an authentic asking for information.


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