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January 3, 2009 / alunatunes

January 03- Rising Above the Little Things…

“One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things. “~John Burroughs

The little things in life can bring down the entirety of living joyfully. We often let the little things dissolve our well made resolutions to be happier, thinner, greater, and more alive.  The trifling parade of daily irritations can serve to enlighten us or bring us to the brink of disillusionment.

The dings of daily life are simple lessons. I’ve learned whatever happens in my daily round, particularly if I don’t understand it, serve as a chapter in my life lessons tome.  I witness injustice and make a mental note to pay attention to balance and fairness.  I watch the history channel and learn about the protestant reformation and make a pledge to always look at life from every angle and perspective. I observe my significant other responding negatively to every ding and take a lesson from him to always try and rise above the fray.

My sister has a novel approach to the little things. She’s a real estate agent and often showings, closings and perspective clients don’t work out perfectly. She professes that though she had plans, the divine apparently had different plans. The little imperfections in the day only serve to remind her that divinity is in charge and watching over us in ways we can not even imagine. 

Learn to rise above the little things. Make it a priority. My favorite way to rise above trifling events is to ask myself “Will this ding matter in one hundred years?”  Nine times out of ten, that small happening  will not matter even in a week.

What truly matters, when navigating the little things ,is good conduct and self control and the realization life is all about  allowing the divine to unfold.


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