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January 4, 2009 / alunatunes

January 04- Hitch your wagon to a star…

“Hitch your wagon to a star, or you will stay just where you are….” -D.H.Lawrence

There’s been alot of racket lately about the Law of Attraction. The concept of attracting into one’s life what one continually thinks about is a common theme in the Bible. The book of Matthe  is quite clear about the phrase,”Ask and it is given..”  The law of attraction says we  simply state what we want and, by abiding in faith, it will show up in our life. The movies THE SECRET and What the Bleep introduced the concepts of positive thought and clear intention in scientific terms as quantum mechanics. In theory, this asking and it being given sounds perfect. In reality, it takes alot of committment to downplay our tendency toward negativity and choose a more positive path of simple belief in ourselves and divinity to take care of us. We ignore the stratosphere of alchemy in artistry and prefer the path of most resistance.

In other words, instead of being continually alert to anything remotely magical, we choose to remain in our creative miasma wondering why the lyrics won’t come or why we can’t get a riff correctly or why the talent buyer won’t return our call for a show.

Release yourself for just a while today to daydream. Make lists of things you like. Lists are just lists. Don’t think of these as to dos or resolutions or revolutions. Just make simple lists of things you’d like to acheive.  Listing is a great tool to start honing in on manifesting.

Bless your wish lists with the words, “This I now intend for the greatest good of all concerned.” Put your list away in a safe place and take it out in a month and see if any of your wishes have come to fruition. Don’t concern yourself if you’ve made no progress. Remember there is HUMAN timing and there is DIVINE timing. Attract the positive by not aligning yourself with human timing.


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