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January 11, 2009 / alunatunes

January 11- The Twenty Seven Things Part 2

My twenty seven things

Boyfriend cleaned his closet resulting in 20 clothing items to sell or redistribute.

Sold two leather jackets on ebay. $60.00

Cleaned my closet and have ten nearly new items for spring yard sale.

Other things I did instead of accummulate stuff:

Made bread- see for a great one hour bread recipe that can be adapted. I made sandwich rolls and pizza crust. Both were excellent, quick and very easy. Firing up the oven is a nice way to provide a bit of warmth to our house. Which is 66 degrees. We have oil heat……

Dusted – dusting is necessary in this fifty year old home. I love to dust. We have lovely treasures and I adore keeping them tidy and clean. We waited a long time to have a home of our own. As home owners instead of renters, it is indeed a pleasure to maintain our own place.

Composted coffee grounds and egg shells. I collect these through the week and compost on Saturdays. I use a recycled zip lock bag and collect grounds, tea bags and egg shells and dump the fertile compost in the back veggie garden.

Made turkey stew.  Boiled the turkey carcass, deboned and made soup with part of the turkey and froze the rest.

Listed and sold old stereo speakers on Forty dollars.

Listed PSP on, one phone call so far.

I did go to the thrift mart but they were having a fifty cent sale. Bought new Forever 21 pants, a Lehigh College hoodie, a gently used sweater and a new Express jacket for $2.00. Also bought a book for fifty cents. It lists on for $6.00. YAHOO!

So how did your Twenty Seven things project go?


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