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January 19, 2009 / alunatunes

Publicity and Promotion: A Sample Contract /Performance agreement

A contract for a performance doesn’t have to be complex. A good sample is below.  Remember this is very simple and is only meant to help you think about the wording of an appropriate and applicable contract/performance agreement.

Remember to always list your band’s name, contact person, band address, phone numbers, website, etc. All contact info should be included in the contract/performance agreement

Performance Agreement This document constitutes an agreement between MOONSTRUCK and its artists and the Management of the Performance Venue and/or the purchaser of services (the Buyer). It is understood and agreed between the parties as follows: Neither party may cancel this agreement for any reason other than a legitimate one beyond their control(acts of God, illness, death or injury). The Buyer understands that this is a binding agreement and may not be cancelled without written or verbal agreement between the parties l0 days in advance. If cancelled by the Buyer less than 7 days prior to engagement, the Buyer is responsible for the full contract fee. The Artist shall have complete supervision, direction and control over the services of its personnel and expressly reserves the right to control the manner and detail of the performance. The Buyer agrees to have the performance areas cleared and ready prior to the load -in of artist’s equipment, and proper lighting and electrical needs.


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