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January 20, 2009 / alunatunes

January 20-taking my own advice

The past week I’ve had a hard drive failure on my computer, my oil heat has broken twice in two days and a pipe burst under the addition in our house.  I’ve found myself not posting because I can’t clear my mind enough to write.  I did want to post some explanation for my lack of posts to the four or five people who read my blog (hahahaha) – which- come to think of it, blog stats are another reason I am not my sunny self.

I find I’m re-reading my posts to hopefully inspire myself back to a positive, creative state where I am enjoying life and all the good things it is. But right this minute, I have pots of water boiling on the stove to make heat (thank you god that we now have water  and electricity) and space heaters placed through out the house to warm things to 55 degrees (thank you god that we have space heaters) .

I occasionally glance at my Tahiti travel guide with longing looks as I heat my corn bean bags – one in my lap- one to sit on- so my fingers will unthaw enough to type so I can work.

I should tell myself this too shall pass, that I have much to be grateful for, to count my blessings of food, family and love.  But my inner voice is screaming that she is COLD and she has spent all of her emergency fund (thank you god for an emergency fund) on the mini disasters of the past five days.  I wish I could silence her but she is VERY loud.

When I get back to normal, I’ll pick up posting but right now, I hope the five of you will enjoy my series on publicity and promotion. Even if you’re not in a band, the ideas can be applied to any facet of life you want to improve…

Right now, I’d like to just improve my mental attitude….and my circulation…..which is being cut off by five layers of clothing….(chuckle…sigh….)


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