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January 20, 2009 / alunatunes

Publicity and Promotion: What is an advance document?

As you’re finalizing details for a show with the talent buyer, be sure you post information about the performance to an advance document. Your advance document should have the following information:

Date of Show

Date show was booked and with whom:

Name of band

Name and address of venue

Venue Website

Venue Phone number

Send posters to: (some clubs prefer you send posters to a PO Box, or the buyer may have you send directly to her)

Booking contact (the person with whom you booked the show)

Booking contact’s cell phone number and email address:

Hours of operation (night/day-both)

Manager on duty day of show and cell number: (the talent buyer may not be on site for your show. Be sure you get this information)

Load in time: (time band needs to be on site)

Load in details:(front entrance, side entrance, stairs, freight elevator)

Parking:(on street, in lot, behind club, paid parking only, garage, load in and park in another location…)

Stage Details: (dimensions and elevation)

Dressing Room:

Sound Check and sound check end (some venues require sound checks end at a specific time particularly if you’re performing at a bar/restaurant

Sound Tech’s name, phone number and email address: (the venue pays the sound tech. It is your responsibility to contact him with your band’s information and stage plot and input list if required) *BE AWARE, SOUND TECHS ARE PAID BY THE VENUE BUT, LIKE ALL CLUB PERSONEL, IT’S NICE TO TIP THEM FOR DOING A GOOD JOB.

Door time:

Ticket Price:


Set Lengths:

Closing time:


Others acts:

Other Acts start time:

Capacity of venue:

Accommodation arrangements:

Hospitality: (food-beverage in dressing room, buy out, etc…)

Restaurant venue:

Guarantee: (flat guarantee, flat plus % over production, etc…)

Pick Up: (cash, check, etc) Be sure you understand the mode of payment. It’s really tough to be handed a check when you are low on cash and need to pay the band.  If you KNOW you are being paid via check, you can withdraw funds at the beginning of a tour to cover the check. Then deposit the check into your account at your next trip to the bank.

Settlement: Who will you settle with at the end of the night or performance?


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