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January 27, 2009 / alunatunes

January 27-Backstage Pass Seminar

“Mental coercion or too much effort shows anxiety and fear which block your answer. Easy does it. “-Dr Joseph Murphy

Tonight marks my first seminar appearance. I’ll be talking about Fifty Ways to Tour Without Getting in the Van to participants of Artesean Entertainment’s Music Business workshop. I look forward to this new turning point in my career. I’m reminded that exactly a year ago, I had what I can only describe as a series of divine events that brought about change on a inner level.

Last year, as part of a self improvement program that, as most do, crashed and burned about a month into it, I started everyday writing the word YES 100 times. This was supposed to counter my negative self talk. After nearly a month of writing “yes” 100 times every morning, reading spiritual based texts and generally feeling bad because I was working so hard to feel good, an odd thing happened. 

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, chanting the word YES to counteract the business stress that had accumulated during the day when a knock came at my door. Still chanting YES YES YES in my head, I opened the door. A young man, maybe 12 was standing there. I remember him clearly because he was black and had these stunningly gorgeous green eyes.  And he was sweet and professional and had his pitch together perfectly. Would I like to subscribe to the paper?  He held out a card and an order form and on top of the form in big, bold letters were the letters Y.E.S. Youth Employment Services or something like that.  The local paper hired this company and these kids to solicit subscriptions. Well how could I say NO to the Y.E.S?

I subscribed. The next week, I read an article in the paper about a woman who was producing mini books about how to clean and de-clutter. Each one was wire bound and cost $10.00. She stated most people who have cleaning or clutter issues certainly don’t have the ambition to sit down and read a tome about how they can change their behavior.

I glanced at my music business tome. Four spiral bound notebooks and one large clasp notebook with pages spilling out of it. A lightbulb went on. I can write booklets. I can stop thinking my ten years of writing is for naught.

The next day I started writing Fifty Ways to Tour Without Getting in the Van. I based the book on a music business article I had written for a magazine in Georgia several years ago. Then I figured out how to create and print booklets on my computer. Then I designed the cover art. Then I created a press release and the rest, as they say, is history.

Who says God doesn’t work in mysterious ways…..


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