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February 10, 2009 / alunatunes

Backstage Pass: Organize Your Band


Imagine NASA sending a rocket into space with no plans for trajectory, experiments, landing, etc. Or a builder constructing a home with no bricks mortar or blueprints. Or traveling across the country without a road map, GPS or money for gasoline. Oddly, many intelligent, well-intentioned, talented people routinely embark on the great music adventure everyday with little or no forthought. They want to start a band and believe the only thing they must gather to bring this idea to fruition is talented players. They run ads for guitarists, singers, drummers, hoping to recruit the best or they enter into musical arrangements with friends or family. They ponder band names, they imagine the cover of their first cd. Fired by a dream, they’ll go so far as to purchase a vehicle and book studio time for a band of relative strangers. In an all too typical scenario, the music will far exceed the band’s ability to stay together. Minor personality issues become major problems. The truth always comes out. And it comes out when personal debt has been incurred and you’re 500 miles away from home. Your singer is a raging alcoholic. Your guitarist, who is married with three kids, can’t keep his hands off other women. The van that was sold to you with only fifty thousand miles really has one hundred and fifty thousand miles. The truth is not pretty. It’s not spelled out in contracts or advance documents. It’s often hard to see and even harder to predict.




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  1. Lefty Williams / Feb 11 2009 5:01 am

    Boy that sounds familiar! Tammy, I love your books. You’re a great writer and you have a unique way of putting things together that keep musicians reading. Thanks for the tips.
    Love ya,

    • alunatunes / Feb 11 2009 5:04 am

      Hey Lefty- thank you for reading. I think the “been there done that” experience truly helps me write – haha

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