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February 12, 2009 / alunatunes

Organize Your Band- The Dunce Cap Theory

“Business practices” don’t require an MBA or legal mumbo jumbo. Business practices are sensible objective solutions to solve problems, capitalize on opportunities and maintain order within a band organization. A friend once told me all the members of his band were college grads, professional people. Some were MBAs but when it was time to rehearse, play, tour or get in the van, they all put on dunce caps and lost the ability to think. This is not to say there are not those who maintain good business practices within band organizations. But there is something about the heady mix of guitars, bars, music and dreams that can short out the brains of normally mild mannered sensible people. If there is a stable structure in place to deal with situations, and everyone knows about it, when brains fail, business will step in to maintain order.


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