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February 17, 2009 / alunatunes

Organize Your Band- The band meeting….


Public Places vs Private Spaces(LOCATIONS)

Most bands intially meet at a bar or restaurant as a part of getting to know each other. They may share a meal and drinks and generally, in a restaurant or bar setting, it’s easier to carry on a social evening than seriously discuss band business. And communicating socially for a band is important because at some point, if things go well, you will be traveling and touring and living with your bandmates. But a band meeting devoted exclusively to discussing business is an important step in building a structure that will nurture and strengthen your group. Therefore, it’s probably best to avoid hosting a business meeting in a bar or restaurant. People need to be heard and opinions expressed without the interferance of alcohol, food or other distractions. Choose someone’s home or a meeting room to discuss ideas. Sometimes a recording studio or rehearsal space works great as long as people understand it’s not time to record or rehearse. Make it clear, when the meeting is planned, that this will be a discussion about direction, organization and success. If anyone balks, take that as a cue this person may not be ready to committ to a group and be dedicated to a project. Anyone who is serious about playing in your band will be more than willing to sit and focus on goals and objectives and interact in a forum other than a playing one.


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